MIT504 Networking 2023 S3

This unit provides students with a comprehensive introduction to computer networks by introducing basic networking technologies, Ethernet fundamentals, ISO OSI model and networking protocols including TCP/IP. It also introduces important networking components including switches and routers and explores routing, switching, and the internet architecture.

Teacher: Zawar Shah

MIT503 Systems Development 2023 S3

This unit introduces the techniques, tools and models for developing information systems. It aims to develop analytical skills for Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including systems requirements analysis, problem identification, feasibility analysis, data modelling, use case analysis and design models. Unified Modelling Language (UML) is explored and different analysis and design techniques are examined such as structured and object-oriented design methods and tools. Project management techniques and tools for information systems are also studied.

Teacher: Rachid Hamadi

MIT502 Database Systems 2023 S3

This unit introduces fundamental concepts and principles of effective management, organization, manipulation and use of data. Students will learn how to design a database using a set of business rules and applying data modelling techniques such as ER (EntityRelationship) modelling and relational database design. Students will also learn how to query databases using SQL (Standard Query Language). Other database concepts will also be examined such as database administration, concurrency, data integration, data warehousing, backup & recovery, security and distributed databases.

Teacher: Mohamad Naji

MIT501 Programming 2023 S3

This unit introduces students to the basic skills of programming, algorithm development and problem-solving with no assumed programming knowledge and/or experience. It provides an extensive theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the basic concepts in objectoriented programming (OOP) techniques. Students will be exposed to the various topics of object-oriented programming, design, variables, statements, arrays and algorithms in sorting and searching. The unit covers a design process using multiple design strategies and demonstrates how to build a readable and reusable solution.

Teacher: Ali Anaissi