BIT101 Programming 2024 S1

This unit is aimed at introducing students to the subject of computer programming and enabling them to develop computer programs for problem solving at a basic level. The focus of the unit is to provide students with a robust understanding of the basic principles of programming and algorithmic thinking. Students will be able to reinterpret a general problem into a computer problem and use their understanding of the computer model to develop source code. The unit will discuss topics necessary for the students to be able to write, debug, and execute computer code to solve logical problems. Crucial concepts include defining data types, control flow, iteration, functions, and recursion. The teaching materials are designed to provide technical and theoretical knowledge that serve as a foundation for continued learning of presented areas.

Teacher: Rachid Hamadi

BIT102 Networking 2024 S1

This unit introduces data communication fundamentals, network transmission technologies, network protocols and design frameworks. It introduces students to basic design and communicational issues related to local area networks, wide area networks. Content includes communication media types; data communications principles and protocols; network architectures and protocols, standard interfaces, transmission techniques; data integrity and security; Local Area Networks (LAN); data link control; IP Addressing and Sub-networking; Routing protocols like OSPF; Switching technologies; Design and implementation of enterprise networks using industry standard equipment like CISCO routers and switches.

BIT103 Web Application Development S1, 2024

The purpose of this course is for students to understand necessary techniques for developing client/server applications at the web level. The course focuses on designing and developing web-based applications using a variety of programming languages and tools like PHP and Python. Students will be exposed to Internet application development architecture. Class projects include developing business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) applications, among others. Development skills include presenting and receiving information through a web site, validating entered information and storing entered information in text files or databases. Students develop an understanding of the principles of web page and web site design; standard object models, and the use of server-side programs for database and file access; testing, software quality assurance; and the process of publishing Web sites. This hands-on PHP and Python programming course uses open-source software (PHP, Python, JavaScript and MySQL) to provide the student with a fundamental programming background.

Teacher: Ali Braytee

BIT104 Organisational Behaviour -S1, 2024

In this unit students will study the interface between people behaviour and the organisation with the goal of improving and achieving organisational desire performance. The unit is designed to help students in exploring and gaining a knowledge of concepts and theories relating to group and individual behaviour and attitudes at organizational level. The unit looks at issues such as culture, personality, perception, motivation, group structure, teamworking, work design, organizational design, leadership, decision making, power and politics. Students gain a better appreciation of people related workplace issues and problems for managing people in contemporary organization.

Teacher: Zahid Hasan

BIT201 Cloud Computing 2024 S1

Cloud computing addresses the increasing demand of data storage and computing power, which allow users to avoid or minimize up-front IT infrastructure costs. It also provides companies with fast provisioning of computer system resources. This unit explores fundamental core services, security, and architectures in cloud computing and examines the concept of cloud computing and its enabling technologies (e.g. virtualisation, networking, web technology, etc.). It covers cloud economics, cloud architecture, cloud service models, virtualisation, cloud security and cloud migration, etc. At the completion of this unit, students will acquire knowledge and skills in areas of virtualisation, cloud infrastructure, cloud service models, and core cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Teacher: Zawar Shah

BIT202 Cyber Security 2024 S1

This unit will introduce students to the real-world cyber security issues faced by the community and by industry. Students will explore cyber security from both an attacker's and defender's viewpoint and will learn how vulnerabilities and threats are assessed and managed. The unit further introduces students to various tools, techniques and methods to mitigate various security threats and attacks on contemporary computing and network systems. Students will develop risk management plans and will also learn about proactive secure design techniques, incident response and disaster recovery.

Teacher: Pritam Shah

BIT203 Systems Analysis and Design 2024 S1

This unit introduces the techniques, tools, and methods used by business analysts in the analysis and design stages of systems development. It aims to develop analytical skills for Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including problem identification, feasibility analysis, systems requirements analysis, data modelling, and design models. Unified Modelling Language (UML) is explored, and different analysis and design techniques are examined such as structured and object-oriented design methods and tools. Students also examine the main principles and methods used in the design phase such as input and output design, user interface design, and software architecture.

Teacher: Rabiul Hasan