Master of Information Technology

MIT632 Data Mining 2024 T1

This unit covers the key concepts of data mining. Massive amounts of data are being generated by individuals, public and private organisations. The Internet provides a very large source of information about almost every aspect of human life and society. This unit focuses on methods, techniques and tools to collect, integrate, pre-process and process large amounts of data in order to find anomalies, trends, correlations and patterns in data sets which can in turn provide significant benefits to organisations.

MIT631 Data Analytics 2024 T1

This unit covers the fundamentals of data analytics. It aims to develop foundation skills and knowledge required for data driven, evidence-based approaches to decision making and performance analysis. Topics include data collection, preprocessing and transformation, visualization and exploratory analysis, and the mathematical and statistical foundations for data modeling. These will help students develop the understanding they will need to make informed decisions using data analysis and communicate the results effectively. The programming language used is Python which is an excellent environment for building many kinds of analytical applications.

Teacher: Ali Anaissi